Thursday, November 18, 2010

What was the outstanding difference in the poor and rich people entertainment ?????

The poorer you were they really didn't have entertainment because they had to work!!!! Crazy! They is so not fair but that's life I guess. The richer you were you paid people to entertain yourself for your that's lazy and of course there the ones that get the special treatment like always.Man the stuff they would do to entertain the people I couldn't imagine happy it wasn't me but it is still so sad for them unless they enjoy what they did for entertainment I wonder if I would kinda???

Guess what King Tutank did when he was buried??????

Okay, I bet you don't know this but this King was buried with board games and he was buried with about two or three games. One you know from the previous paragraphs is the game Senet and I bet the other one was probably The Snake Game and is my guess but I'm probably wrong so don't judge!This is true because I was told they they were buried with there favorite people and things and I guess that was one of his. Also it was put in there for entertainment for the after life!!!!!!!!! I know that if something was really valuable to you then it was buried with you to use in the afterlife and you can tell the Egyptians believed firmly in it because of all the things they did if I could tell you the truth I would but I can't sorry!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Do they play games at home or do they????????

Well turns out they do although it would have been a little weird if they didn't. I would not  know how to explain why not because there is really no excuse for to me. They played board games of course they played with those.They played with there toys I sure like to hope that the grown people wasn't and even the teenagers probably shouldn't!!! Because toys are for little kids  actually TODDLERS!!! They also played with baby dolls I think they mean girls only though I hope kinda sad if it wasn't. Also they buried there toys with them in there graves when they died so that they can be played with there and if you didn't catch on they believe on the afterlife!!!

I bet you wonder what are the most popular entertainments !!!!!!

Well guess what I know the most popular game is a game called Senet well and the other was The Snake game with a close second and man that sounds pretty interesting to me so yeah they also liked to painted which that was popular also the previous one were the most popular board games and you know what I heard??? I heard that there was a king that that was buried with the game Senet and others my bet was the other one was the snake game. But just guessing here so yeah.When they painted it was like when there wife plowed or harvest something yeah that was pretty cool for them I guess I can't really speak for them so that's my guess kinda! They also like to shape and carve stuff which turn out looking very neat so that's pretty awesome I wish that I can do that so bad!

What would you do to entertain your self if you were a egyptian???????

Hey!!!!!!!! I bet you can probably guess that painted a lot which if you did than your right smart you. The Egyptians painted on the walls of there temples they also painted on their house they painted a lot, they mostly painted about you know well actually I bet you don't but they painted about there lives they also painted the pharaohs and the gods they worshiped seems like a little but it is actually a lot because they worshiped many gods so yeah. They basically did the same stuff we do accepted playing video games!!!! They also did art and crafts well kinda they made there on Jewry the kids and grown ups.The kids mainly played out side and they played catching like I said the same thing we do! The parents told the kids stories about the Nile river and of course because there your parents they exaggerate but hey you will figure it out sooner or later.They also played board games we do but they probably did more often. They made charms and amulets some of the things that the they did are so COOOOOOOOOL!!!!!! but some are the worst.You think to your self you got to be kidding me!!!!! But hey we have change a lot since then.